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Price list:
Hereford- Death Cup $150/dose.
Hereford- BAM! $100/dose
Hampshire- Nuts $75/dose
Duroc- Turn & Burn $75/dose
Crossbred- Historic $75/dose
Crossbred- Strike Em Out $75/dose
Crossbred- Make Em Pay! $75/dose
Crossbred- Don't Look Back $75/dose
Crossbred- Stay Hungry $75/dose
Yorkshire- LFD $75/dose
Berkshire- Can You Hear Me Now? $75/dose
Spot- Drop Em $75/dose
Poland China- Beanie $75/dose
Tamworth- Uncle Rico $75/dose
"Death Cup"-Hereford

Doug E. Fresh X Shock Collar X Let's Roll (Red Sox's Sister)
Bred by and owned with Adam Hendricks
This guy has come up big this summer! He is the tallest fronted and longest fronted hereford around
He is a stout boned good footed hog that takes long easy strides. This has played out in his offspring this summer.
Death Cup comes from the most influential and winningest line of hereford hogs and from a great young breeder.
Death cup's mom and her littermate were Grand champion gilt and reserve champion boar at the 2015 Indiana State fair. Death Cup's littermate brother was champion hereford barrow at the 2016 Team Purebred show in Springfield.
Death cup has sired:
Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt Day 1 LVS Midwest Jackpot Show
High Points Hereford Gilt OCPA Show Circuit 2018-8 time champion
Champion AOB Hereford Gilt 2018 Dixie National
Champion Hereford Gilt 2017 Oklahoma State Fair
Reserve champion hereford barrow at team purebred in 2017
Champion hereford Converse fair, IN 2017
Champion Hereford Gilt Madison County Classic, IN 2017
Champion Hereford U of I hoof and horn show 2017
Champion Hereford Gilt Wells County, IN Fair 2017
Champion Hereford Barrow Wells County, IN Fair 2017
Champion Hereford Gilt Allen County, IN 2017
Champion Hereford Barrow Allen County, IN 2017
Grand Champion Hereford Boar 2017 Indiana St. Fair now standing at Don Quesenberry's

New Level X Death Cup's sister
Bred by and owned with Adam Hendricks and Family
This guy is built to become the next great hereford showpig sire. He is our pick of the
Hereford boars this summer.
His littermate sister was the champion hereford gilt at the 2017 WPX
Champions Sired by B.A.M.!:
Grand Champion Weanling Gilt 2018 Hereford Spring Fling Sedalia, MO
Grand Champion Weanling Boar 2018 Hereford Spring Fling Sedalia, MO
Reserve Hereford Gilt Pig Planet Jackpot 2018

Thunderman X Drake
Bred by Morehouse
Nuts was the class 2 winning hamp boar at the 2017 Indiana State Fair
"Turn and Burn"-Duroc

Burn Em Down X Franchise
Bred by and owned with Kimmel Showpigs, IN
Modern Duroc Barrow sire! Tall fronted, heavy boned and moderate!
"Historic 84-2"-Crossbred

Historic X Creature 63-11
Bred By Nick Sollars
Owned with Rick Murr, CO, Rick Boyer, WA and the Reddick family of Ohio
This is a proven boar that has already made quite a name for himself as a sire of champions.
He is tall fronted and long necked with a beautiful front end. He has the best hip structure of
any crossbred boar in the country. He is really something to see out on the move at 2 1/2 years old.
If you ever make the trip to Danville he is the first one that we will show you.
Historic 84-2 has sired:
Champion Dark Cross Male 2017 Extravaganza
Res Champion Gilt 2016 Ga National
Champion overall 2017 GA Bred pig sale
Champion 2017 Tri State Jackpot
Reserve GA Bred Lake Hartwell Pig Classic GA
Reserve Champion Franklin Co. Ga 2018
"Strike Em Out"-Crossbred

Strikin Matches X Bone Thug
Stress Negative
$17k Indy Purchase Owned with Jeremy Lacy
Mom is a littermate to Outlier

Champion Hamp Barrow Delaware County Ok
3rd overall Muskogee District Show
Grand Overall Breeding Washington CH, OH Summer Show Circuit
Reserve Overall Breeding Hillsboro, OH Summer Show Circuit
Reserve Overall Market Hillsboro, OH Summer Show Circuit
Reserve Overall Breeding London, OH Summer Show Circuit
Grand Champion Overall Field of Dreams Sale
Champion Dark Cross Field of Dreams Sale
Reserve Light Cross Field of Dreams Sale
4th Overall Field of Dreams Futurity Show
3rd Overall Points Gilt Wisconsin Summer Show Circuit
Reserve Champion Colquitt County GA
Grand Champion Market Hog Crawford County GA

"Don't Look Back"-crossbred

Visionary X Fortune X Monster Pipe
Stress Neg
Bred by Steve Bates and Family
Owned with Darin Cron, Jeremy Lacy and Curt Lorentz
Champion Gilt Gaines County Texas
Reserve Barrow Gaines County Texas
Reserve Champion Franklin County Georgia
Grand Champion Jackson Trail Hog Show Georgia
Class Winning Barrow San Angelo Stock Show
Champion Derby Lee County Iowa
Reserve Champion Born and Raised Ingham County Michigan
Grand Champion Born and Raised Clermont County Ohio
Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt Henry County Ill
Reserve Champion Market Gilt Knox County Ill
Champion Overall Female Section 4 FFA Show Ill
Champion Market Gilt Mercer County Ill
Reserve Champion Gilt Rock Island County Ill
Reserve Champion Raybun County, Ga
Third Overall Commercial Gilt Athens, Ga
Reserve Champion Georgia Bred Pig Sale
Champion Breeding Gilt 2017 Morrow Co. Fair
"STAY HUNGRY"-crossbred

Specimen X Killer Instinct
Stress Negative
Bred By John Huinker
Owned with Satterfield, Tipton, Lorentz and Huinker
This is a really stout hog that can move out. Big square toes all point forward and he has great range of motion front and back. He eats big wide open mouthfuls of feed which stands in stark contrast to most popular crossbreds today. We truly feel that this guy is the next step in our quest to make sound productive crossbred showpigs and females. He is 1/4 hamp and has 4 of Huinker's duroc sow lines in him. John has told us that this is the best crossbred boar that he has sold.
Grand Champion Market Hog 2017 Clark County AR
Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog 2017 Clark County AR
Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog 2017 Crawford County AR

Gain Control X Yet Again
Bred by John Pullen
LFD was the reserve champion boar 2017 Ohio State Fair
"Can You Hear Me Now?"-Berkshire

Speak Now X Godzilla
Bred by Wells Showpigs, IN
Owned with Nick Sollars
Free wheeling stout young barrow sire purchase from Springfield.
"Drop Em"-Spot

Mic Drop X Happy Feet
Stress Neg
Mom is a littermate to Footprint at Tony Nye's.
Excellent structure throughout with a great hip and hock set. Good body cavity.
This hog has the pieces needed to make spots better.
"Beanie"-Poland China

Dead Eye X Muscle Milk
Stress neg
Bred by and Owned with Kevin Martin
"Uncle Rico"-Tamworth

Ferarri x Ferrari
Littermate to the champion Tamworth gilt 2016 SW Regional.
His sister and mom are impressive creatures!

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